Yuval, 22. Petach Tikva

I studied at the February 2015 Preparatory given by Dr. Shahar Geva.

After the army, travel abroad and other things in between, this was the first time since high school that I entered a framework for studies. It was very intensive and required a lot of hard work. But it paid off because two months before the end of the course I was accepted at the University Of Warsaw School Of Medicine.

I want to mention two factors that helped me a lot: First the assistance from the staff, not only during class but between classes as well. They were always willing to answer questions. Second, I received a lot of help and advice in deciding which university to apply to and a lot of information about life in the various cities in Europe where one can study medicine in English. This definitely enabled me to make the right choice.


סגירת תפריט
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