Shelly, student in the medical studies Preparatory

My name is Shelly and since High School I have wanted to become a doctor. My first step toward this goal was when I registered for the course at Overseas Medical Education. From the beginning we were promised a challenging experience, and so it was! In an average week during the course I put in at least 8 hours of study and even more during exams.

The fact that the course is conducted in English helps to imagine what medical studies abroad will be like. Also, the intensive program gives you an opportunity to evaluate whether or not you are capable of undertaking medical studies in general and in English in particular. You are required to read a lot of material during the class and complete a great many tasks in preparation for and following each class. I felt I was experiencing what the real life of a medical student would be.

The teachers at Overseas Medical Education have very broad knowledge of their subject matter and are very helpful and at the same time create a serious learning atmosphere in the classroom.

Thanks to the Preparatory and a lot of hard work on my part I passed the entrance exam with a very good grade. If you are considering medical studies abroad, I recommend you register and see for yourself.

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