The Pre – Medicine Course aims to meet the needs of Israeli high school graduates with Matriculation diploma equivalent of such standard which allowed them to continue for higher education institutes in Israel, who wish to pursue a medical education. But who have taken few or none of the core science courses ( Biology, Chemistry , physics ) required for successful preparation to medical school.

  The Program lasts 20 weeks and is divided into 4 main courses

 Biology – Evolution & Ecology, Cell Biology , Genetics 
.Chemistry – General, Inorganic , Organic & Biochemistry 
Anatomy & Physiology of the Human system

This Pre-Medical Program syllabus & requirements exceeds high-school level in the relevant scientific subjects ( Biology, Chemistry, Physics ), and is equivalent to the relevant courses level taught in academic institutes.

The instructors at the Pre-medicine course are Medical Doctors & PhD's in their teaching fields with years of experience from leading Israeli Academic institutes, and the emphasis is on professionalism and medically oriented teaching

The instruction language for the entire course is English, in order to strengthen the students' acquaintance and understanding of the professional terminology in the universities' language
Up on completing all the course requirements and final tests, the student will be granted by a graduation diploma
Successful graduation of the Pre-Medical Course gives participants an opportunity to be accepted to worldwide leading Medical Universities.

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