Noy, Yuvalim

My name is Noy and I am from Yuvalim in the North of Israel.   I chose the course given by Dr. Shahar Geva at Overseas Medical Education after much deliberation. As time passed I realized more and more what a good choice I had made. The material that was taught and the way in which it was taught gave me an excellent foundation for the entrance exams and my medical studies at Poznan University where I was accepted. As opposed to other courses that I considered, my diploma from Overseas Medical Education enabled me to waive the requirement for the TOEFL exam and other science requirements and gave me automatic admission to several universities in Europe. I invested all of my time and energy in the course, but it was worth it.

I recommend registering for the October course which ends in March and gives enough time to make all the necessary arrangements for studying in a foreign country. I am available by email if you need further advice: [email protected]

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