Ksenia, 23 years old, from Beer Sheva

Hi. My name is Ksenia and I live in Beer Sheva, Israel. About a year ago I decided to take one step forward toward my dream of studying medicine. Since I had no background in the sciences except for high school physics, I decided to look for a course that would prepare me in the best way possible to get into a school abroad. After much searching and many telephone calls and meetings, I decided to sign up for the course given by Overseas Medical Education.

I feel the course gave me what I was looking for. Beyond the preparation for entrance exams, I learned how to learn and how to succeed in a university setting. I had 15 hours a week of classes and between 8-10 hours of study on my own.   Success is based on a combination of the formal studies and the time investment after class. The lecturers are very professional and they presented the material very clearly with the help of power point presentations. They are always available if you need assistance.

Since I finished the course with a high grade, I was admitted automatically to the university in Szczecin, Poland.

I am always happy to give advice to others. [email protected]l.com

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