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Tel Aviv Medical College proudly partners with a select group of European Universities that offer medical degree programs in English. As our students have graduated from our pre-med program and gone on to study medicine at these universities, these success stories have enhanced the reputation of the universities and helped increase enrollment of international students. Furthermore, the benefit of having Tel Aviv Medical College counselors promote the values of these universities to students choosing where to continue their medical education means attracting the best student candidates from Israel. If your university would like to become one of our partners, please contact us using the form below.
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Tel Aviv Medical College offers recruitment services to our students in helping them choose the ideal university to study medicine in English in Europe. We offer students assistance in the application process and offer services to help them get settled in their new city. Tel Aviv Medical College has over ten years of cooperation with European universities such as Czech Rep, Slovakia, Poland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania and Cyprus, are always looking to expand our partners network. Joining our network means your school will receive the finest medical school candidates from Israel at a low cost to you.


Reserve your space now at our Study Fair in Tel Aviv to recruit from hundreds of the best Israeli students to study at your medical university. Face-to-face interaction is the best way for students to learn the benefits of attending your university and to have all their questions answered. Often, the information students need is not available online or difficult to find. There’s no better way than to discuss it in person and put a face to the university. This allows students to make a smarter decision where to study medicine in Europe and make them feel at ease with their decision. Please contact us using the form below for more details.
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