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Already towards the end of my army service I knew that I wanted to study medicine. After lots of exploring and recommendations from many friends that took various courses to prepare themselves, I decided on the course given by Overseas Medical Education with Dr. Shahar Geva. The course includes 400 hours of study in biology, chemistry, anatomy and physics and all in English. I had never studied these subjects, with the exception of biology but by the end of the course I had an excellent grasp at a very high level.   This is due in large part to the superior teaching staff, who are all university lecturers. The patience, understanding and knowledge that they provide gives you a sense of confidence that you can succeed.

The Overseas Medical Education course is on a very high level and introduces you to the medical terminology in English, which is important preparation for actual studies abroad, which are very different from what we are used to in high school in Israel. The requirements are strict with many weekly tasks that get you ready in the best way possible for your future studies. Because of the demands and the level of studies, I recommend the course only for those who are willing and able to devote all of their energy to it.

Overseas Medical Education stands by you until you achieve your goal of getting into one of the medical schools abroad. At the end of the course, I took the entrance exam for Kaunis University in Lithuania that is given by examiners who come to Tel Aviv for this purpose. I passed the eam and I am now a medical student at Kaunis.

I warmly recommend the course for those who are willing to work hard for the goal. I am available to answer any questions: [email protected] Good Luck!

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