Preparatory course for medical studies abroad with lecturers from leading universities, directed by Dr. Shahar Geva

The teaching staff is from the front-line of academia in Israel and abroad: Biology lecturer- Dr. Mira Manevitz (Spelling?), BA, MD, Hunter College, USA Chemistry lecturer- Dr. Katie Lerman, PhD, Bar Ilan University, Israel Physics and mathematics, Mr. Oded Basis, MSc, Hebrew University Anatomy, Dr. Ido, Avivi, MD, Tel Aviv University

להמשך קריאה

Preparatory course for medical studies abroad with guaranteed results

The course is the only one of its kind in Israel that is officially accredited and under the auspices of universities in various European countries. It is the only course based on the syllabus for entrance exams to all medical institutions in Europe with English language programs. And we guarantee you automatic acceptance to a wide range of leading European universities.

להמשך קריאה
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